Test Pregnancy for memory purposes

by vyyvaa

This is the new life in 2007. after i left my familys house with Ot, i bought a pregnancy test. after my sister insisted my short of breathe might be a clue to a baby coming… part of me wanted it to be true, the other part wanted it to get prepared… drifted far as school and marriage preparations. so did Ot drift with me. we decided we wanted to remember the place where i find out im pregnant (if), it was 1 am.. and not alot of toilets out there.. we went to shameya co-op, and right next to starbucks there was one.

the test was negative.. actualy at first it made me believe it was positive, but thats a misunderstanding from myside.

another thing that kept my mid totally occupied was changing jobs, Ot is open to the idea of me changing jobs, something i totally didnt think an option.. i was taking my job forgranted. obviously i have a choice in changing it, and i can tell this is a good time. the question is, if i go private (which is all im aiming for, and the reasons are mosty financial) will i have jeoprodize my social life.. will Ot be able to cope with the burden of losing me much of the day time (and occasionaly the night time) ? i’m in thinking stage, and it might take a long time to do so. i will start job shopping tomorrow, and will not put my two feet forward until i’m positive it’s a good idea.

a third matter is apartment furnishing, im not completely satisfied with my in-laws performance with the apartment, ive been married for four months, i need to revamp it, i want it to look modern tylish colorful livable alive kicking … you get my drif.

i want a library

i want a storage place

i want yellow dyed TV-room

i want an office for our PC and Mac to live in peace.

my 2007 resolutions:

1. lose 10 KG.

2. start a small business

3. save third of my annual salary

4. revamp the apartment

5. go to 3omra

6. arrange a couple’s getaway for me and Ot.