How Ot won me

by vyyvaa

with his kindness, solely and exclusively it totally won me. it made me succumb to him, and he is not even aware of my submission… his purity hides away alot of the ugliness in the world. and his kindness is contagious, i love his effect on me. i love him to the point of crying.

i am antcipating a child inside of me, i know there is something inside of me… i will have to wait for three more days, and if my period fails to show up… im pregnant !

i’m pregnant! when will i be able to say that!? what happened to me? i thought i wanted to delay this.. so far its4 months, and ive aimed a year… couldn’t hold a year? i wanted to wait afraid Ot will not be the good guy he is, but he is more amazing than i can hope for..

when i stepped out the toilet in shameya yesterday, Ot was looking at me and spreading his arms out: ” ha! athomich?” “should i hug u now?” … i wanted to say yes… it wouldve been our first public hug in kuwait ..

i love this guy, he is so unafraid of public display of affection. on our honeymoon in the usa, he showed me amazing emotions, beautiful feelings.

please God, bless me with a child as pure and kind as Ot.