phone call

by vyyvaa

i just hung up a long and beautiful phone call with Ot. he told me to remind him when i get back to the apartment, to kiss me endlessly for a whole week πŸ™‚ Ot is not a talktative guy, but on and on he created topics from everywhere and managed to extend the phone call for half an hour… along with scattered phone calls through out the day, he made my day every minute of it.

the work day went realllllllllly fast.

i wrote down my cv updated and fully functional for applications.. i also spoke to two friends on msn about my options, they told me to rethink the social side of my 24hr day. as it is the part under danger.

my friend Fi is considering a small business, her idea is smart and simple, i wish i can think of one for my self. i wish i can have a business that will make me pay all my bills, and even tempt me to take a long long leave from the workforce… that would be the most beautiful thing πŸ™‚

i feel full… like ate alot, but only cereals in the morning! and i feel an urge to eat and eat….

am i pregnant.. is this blood a sign of pregnancy or my period blood.. or is miscarriage? i dnt feel the pain of period, yet its the time for it.. whats going on… i will give this one more week, .. but is it a week where im miscarriaging my first babY?!!