my sister just had a baby boy

by vyyvaa

She kept the sex of the child a secret.. she even kept it a secret from her own husband!!! she really is good at that my sis Shi. i was so moved by her care the last two days, kept checking on me and pregnancy testing… even today when i visited her in the hospital, with her beautiful bundle of joy.. she still asked.. i told her : negative .

i feel extra good now, i asked a part time maid to come to my apartment, and she wiped the place clean 🙂 except the bedroom where Ot is sleeping now…. i had to take out all the clothing that needs to go to laundry, and called the laundry to pick it up… he should have done that.. and i should have waited for him to do it.. but i’m an impatient person, and nothing can ever change that @@

i plan to take a good long bath now. and then dress up in something sexy yet comfortable, tomorrow when i wake up, i want to do it extra early so i can be able to clean the bedroom. i must do a plan for the coming afternoons, we need to go out, Ot keeps sleeping…