Second Try: Negative

by vyyvaa


i found out again i’m not pregnant, this time it wasn’t urine home test, but blood test. the dr told me it’s too early to check if i am in fact pregnant… i can’t wait, we spent yeterday night shoving a pilow under my nighgown, and pretending i’m  9 months pregnant, we thought of baby names… Ot gave no room for discussion with respect to  boy name, he wants Ibrahim. I was thinking Qoatyba, Dhari, Ya3goub, Mu3ath… the girls he left the room for me to  choose , but with our play  yesterday, he refused every name i came up with !! i want Eljood, or Rayyan, maybe Yomna, Reema, but he wants a long name, full of meaning… i went to sites and checked pregnancy week by week, trimester by trimester… symptoms, sighns, even took an online pregnancy test, i’m 42% pregnant 🙂  i still have short of breathe, but i decided to forget this blood spotting i’m having, and start praying, obviously it is not period yet, i had a good shower took off the fever from me, and wore a beautiful night gown and made love with Ot. the great thing about him is he doesn’t mind talking after sex… but he has urges of chocklate.. sweets 😀

i’ve cut down my visits to Ot’s family, and i feel better just being away from his brother’s wife, she is just so annoying.