living by the book

by vyyvaa


i am a woman effected by sentances… not by what i read or see, more of what i hear… i remember one time my friend told me this…

” if you ever have a problem with someone, and have failed all ways of resolving it, then you should not stress any more, and push this person one step further in your priority list of worry. you will feel better, think and produce healthier.. and that is all a good time for healing”

i’m trying my best to adopt this method with my sister, her inactive/weak communication since her marriage is sucking life out of me.. i’m obsessed by this subject, and i want it to go away. i wish if she could change this habit, many times i tell her but she never ever changes.

i’m at the moment alone, Ot is asleep… living in this apartment has made even 7 pm seem like way over midnight.. just a while ago, i was feeling dusk time, and it was just 10 or 9!! Ot’s way of dealing with boredom is to sleep… i can’t do that, i use sleeping to kill sadness/ apart from resting.

today i took the day off, didn’t feel like work, because of my lack of productivity, i discovered it wasn’t only my problem, the people around me have everything to do with it. i hate my current supervisor alot, he thinks of him self so superior.

the past two days have been good cook-wise, i’ve maid a delicious tasty meat plat. and today a dish of chinese noodles cooked with vegetables and chicken.

yesterday i visited my sister in the hospital, she had a c-section, cz of her weak uterus… the baby is gorgeous, and has some features of his older brother.. my mother is sleeping over in the hospital until they can both leave it. when my sister sleeps in mom’s house, i will be coming more and more.. i love her kids so much.

i wish if tomorrow was not a working day …

i love day time a thousand times more than night time.

the urge to eat is ruling me this week… and sleep as well. those are signs of pregnancy as well, but i don’t think i’m pregnant any more. although i just entered and ordered subscription of all pregnancy related magazines.