The Active Wednesday

by vyyvaa

i woke up before the clock. and then I woke the clock… Ot after sleeping for long and extended hours has already been out of bed, the feeling of lonliness and total boredom took over me that i screamed to wake him up after i cooked for him and still he insisted to keep on sleeping…

he came to kiss me and i gently pulled away.. i quickly prepared my clothes, checked in the kitchen for milk and to see if he ate my dish (he did) and even left the apartment without kissing him.. which hurt me alot.. but i had to be strong, there were two things that bothered me..

1. he sleeps when he’s bored and i’m left alone.

2. he is not so active in his prayer.

i went to his family.. my way of connecting with him even if i’m mad at him … i was absent minded when i brought the breakfast over to his mom and sister… and then came a message.. that from just it’s name .. my heart starting happily pumping..

” يا روحي أنا ودي أسوي أي شي تطلبينه لا تزعلين مني ما أقدر على زعلج. انتي اذا زعلتي علي كأني جسد بلا روح يعني مالي أي معنى. طلبتج سامحيني ومراح ازعلج > أوعدج< ريحيني وسامحيني”

telling me to forgive hm and that he would do anything to make me happy… I love Ot… i love him, God bless him more and more and keep him safe for me.. shortly after i replied and he was very happy 🙂

my friend fi with her business idea is in progress, very active and beautiful progress.. i thought of an idea yesterday, and i hope it will be successful..i need a partner as i can’t do things on my own.. or maybe i should plan for it.. give it a year..

as soon as i finish furnishing my apartment, i promise to start acting on my personal business idea.

it has been a productive active work day.. i also helped two girls from the other apartment to locate a partition for them, as they are in a place filled with guys….

my sister sent to me an email apologizing…. its sooo difficult for her to apologize… so very difficult…

thank God for everything, i cant wait for my sister Shi to come back with her kids and newly born to mom’s house from the hospital..

UPDATE:  After returning home to my Ot. prepared lunch, cleaned the clutter.. and rushed out to my sister Hi to visit my sister Shi. I love both their kids very much but my favorite must be Mish Hi’s youngest… adorable and smart Mish:) any who, we went all to the hospital, took some money from Ot to afford the sweets… stayed about an hour, then headed back to the apartment had a shower straightened my hair and did smoky make up, work a nice black beaded on the neckline dress.. and went to my brother’s house, where they were throwing a return from 7aj dinner… i met a colleague from engineering, she is so nice.. i liked the stay… but didnt appreciate 7essa’s comments.. ordering me around.. and mumbling about how my sister’s didnt show up… then now i’m here in the apartment..

Ot a sleep…… back to square one 😦