Pegnancy symptoms revisited

by vyyvaa

Bloating… this symptom of pregnancy i felt for the second time.. dare i say in my life! i just looked up what it means, and i know it is it… im pregnant no matter what the urine test says, or the blood test.. i’m a pregnant woman!! and i just have to get my self prepared!!

my period is late 4 days… considering how irregular it has since my marriage, i don’t count so much on its lateness as a sign, never the less, it is giving me all the hope/reason i need!

even my air feels better (is that too early to see? or am i living the complete illusion?) if i was in a financially good time right now, i would go do a blood test again..

a beautiful girl movie, egyptian, yesterday was shown on rotana, ‘a7la alawqat’ in it, there was a sentance… ” t3rafo e howa eli a7la o ajmal min el bous? …. el7odn… bs lama ytgawezo erejala… ma y3rafosh izay y7dono..

i woek up with a hug… and i know i loved it..

we’re going to Ot’s family house