The Weekend

by vyyvaa

This weekend was all about the family tree… his and mine..

One of the things that frustrate me.. it’s so hard to talk to grown ups.. way easier to talk to kids! When I’m at his family house, I would be swamped with kids and they will only circle around me and we would play joke talk.. with them it’s way difficult, and I guess it’s because I’m not the conversationalist type .. or, the intellectual gap is significant.. my interests swim in a different ocean..

I kept my promise to mishmish, and went back to my family house to take him and Asi shopping, we fixed his GBA and bought him new games, plus boughts toys for Asi and her sister.  It was joyful, even when we were done, we talked to Ot and they kept telling him “mashkoor 5ali 3ala eli3ba mashkoor mmmwah” he told me he felt really good, like he did something.. he did, he was the one who paid for it J

On Friday we had lunch at my family’s house where Shi came with her new born still undecided name.. we had long name choosing sessions, but why bother? The father will name him what he wants eventually lol

Two things made me teary eyed

  1. Ot telling me he wants me to cook more (I cook as much as I can), and when he saw me cry he told me he was joking and that he loves me a lot and I’m doing everything right…
  2. My mom telling me my hair didn’t look straightened up enough…


I don’t like it when criticized… same as every one else on the planet… but I don’t like it especially when I’m doing good or at least trying my best.

We talked to my younger sis over webcam, she got a new cat, called it Taymoor lank… it looked like the street cats in Kuwait… but maybe American accent with that J


I’m going to do a pregnancy blood test today, it’s been more than 6 days late period.