The more signs

by vyyvaa

more signs are coming in…

brown spotting..

food craving..

frequent urination..

yet my 2nd blood pregnancy test proved negative.. my sister said it happened to her too, and she only found out she was pregnant when she was way into her pregnancy ‘6 weeks’.

Ot gets bored easily, i’m gonna try and enroll him in one of the courses publically offered.. it would be interesting and a chance to new information.

i saw little mosque on the prairie.. first episode..i’m not gonna be judgemental ‘why do i feel like i said that somewhere..’

i feel fat.. i am gaining weight, and nothing fits me as it used to ‘more signs of pregnancy?’

i got the two catalogues for furniture,

1. ID design

2. Ikea

i want more… i hope before 30 days from now, my apartment will be beautifully differant

.. i wanna know now………………….if i’m pregnant or not…………… so i can prepare the apartment for the baby due..