by vyyvaa


There are certain dreams that kept hunting me… and there dreams that are hunting me now, i can’t stop thinking about my sister in the states, and the dream is always about her thinking of others first.

today i dreamt about my friend Fi, it’s a weird dream.. she came to me home, and i hardly recognized her, she was swollen, her face her body, and she was a bit darker on the face and pimply and tried to cover that with make up…

i had the feeling in the dream that she got that min el 7asad.. evil eye…envy, because in reality she is drop dead goergeous.

i had to throw my self out of bed today too.. and managed to come 1 minute before the deadline morning time. i actually got out of bed, wore a jacket and got out of the apartment… !!!!  no drinking water, no washing teeth, no getting into bathroom… plus it was so cold and rainy outside… but now that im at work, i dont have the energy to go  back again..

yesterday was confrontation day down at Ot’s family house…. i won a conversation battle againt his brother’s wife whom i dislike… i felt so good winning, and embarresing her, cause she started the conversation.. she brought it on her self. she was saying that if she ever got the chance to drive (she is dreaming big time) she will not accept it, because that way  a man gets used to the woman doing everything around the house and she becomes a man. i felt offended knowing i’m the ony one who drives out of all the people sitting, so i started on her, and told her she is totally mistaken, and that its the woman who controls that, and if she  keeps doing things on her own, then the guy will get used to it, but if she keeps asking her husband ‘even if he fails her more than once’ he will get used to taking her and doing things for her too. i gave her an example on her dependence on Ot and his brother to take her places where her husband is the one who’s supposed to go, she became furious and started defending her self. but i kept emphasising my point and she got stuck with replies that the whole subject was changed.

i don’t like to be offended from her any more. and i’m so proud of my self for standing up against her claims.

we are so broke these days.. i even asked mom to fill up my phone, God.. please pass this week with ease..