Ugly Betty, and Frida kahlo

by vyyvaa

It’s been 5 days since I last wrote…i lost my imaginary baby… like frida Kahlo.. but she really had one..

here is a wrap up of my previous days


  • We’re broke, so didn’t go any where at all.
  • Visited his and my family, he enjoys sitting with my family a lot, as it is a change to him.
  • My sister vowed to fund my delivery in the best hospital in Kuwait if I get pregnant.
  • And I still get frequent dreams about my sister in the states, a clear sign how much I miss her and thinking of her is conquering my mind.
  • i’m currently hooked on the TV Show: ugly betty


My car is in the garage, gladly I’m not going to pay for a thing since all expenses are on the insurance, when it’s out, and it should be in its best form, I can’t wait for that!


Currently I’m using my brother’s car, this morning I had to use Ot’s car since he refused to wake up and move his car from mine, and he is being late on work or not coming more frequently now. This thing bothers me a lot, as I am struggling my self to come to work… I managed to punch the car EXACTLY on the supposed time, before marriage I used to come an hour and a half ahead of time!!


I just got a call from Ot, he is at his work, ok late… but at least there yippee loool



My period came, so no more -I’m not sure if I’m pregnant or not- stuff, I decided to give it one day on one day off sex. So on with the lingerie girl, sticky beans come my way J


Because of the period pain, I had to lie down and not cook up any food, but when the pain moved away, I did major apartment cleaning all over. I even cleaned up my wardrobe half of it if not all, which is a satisfying thing for me.


My mo kept insisting on giving me some money knowing how broke I am with Ot right now 😀 but I decided not to, two more days and all will be ok.


On my priority list when our salaries launch:


  1. Ot’s Dr appointment
  2. 3omra
  3. apartment furnishing
  4. sport clubs
  5. online shopping



dear God,


Please save my sisters and brothers from every harm, and grant them their wishes in health, good life, love, and money. Especially my sister Hi.