impatience and life

by vyyvaa

my enthusiasm for this blog is reduced.. but i need it very much, and losing it means i have no patience for commitment.

although i am so in love with Ot, any mistake he makes, no matter how small, seems exremely huge, i have no patience to wait for it to change, or the tolerance to accept it. his sleeping habits make me all alone in the apartment. and my cooking is always off track .. due to his sleeping. some how, i love how i can not accept him missing prayer, but it does so much damage to my mood before he actually prays.

i went to an interview for an awesome job… and this week i should hear the response if im in or not. i want this job alot, i thought of it as it might jeoprodie my social life and it might be too much of time demanding… but alot of people ‘who already work there’ comforted me and ensured it’s a possible do.

i wasn’t given enoug time to be impressive in the interview, he was fast and very direct… i can’t wait to hear the response… if i get accepted, i would have to start the social battle of leaving my current work place.

i found writing long diary-like emails to my sis in the usa very comforting.. she responded in a long email as well.

i wanna buy Ot a gift…

1. an intensive computer related course.

2. an intensive english learning course..

but aren’t both learnt by practice only? ………..