apartment complete: sexy, funky, and cozy

by vyyvaa

i love what i did with the apartment. after major shopping with my brother’s wife, all the stuff i ordered came, and i put them in place along with the other accessories i bought with Ot, and it looks fabulous to me. the least comfortable room for me is my bedroom, but things should be easier after i brought the drawers.

i recieved fantastic news, it seems the company i did an interview for is considering accepting me within a month! my appetite for work has gone to zero. never in my pre-marriage work status did i use sick leaves as wrongly as im doing now, vacations, sick leaves, casuals… plus the unhealthy work atomsphere. everything calls for a serious job with serious work with serious paycheck.

Ot is sticking good to prayer thanks to God, and also to a health club, im very happy with the effect of his best friend ali, this guy is positively affecting Ot to be collected. i was about to tell him to consider continuing education past diploma, he then told me both of them are trying to find registration times πŸ™‚ i can’t wait to see Ot higher.. and higher..

the best time for me is just before we sleep … the hugging, cuddling, snuggling, kissing, touching… i wouldnt trade any thing for that, i would skip sex but never skip this.

i just came back from Ot’s family house, his sister and her kids came from saudi arabia to stay for a week.. it was a fun gathering, i discovered i dont have problems with his sisters, it’s mostly his brother’s wives… their retarded sense, and silly observations…

they ask me: why u are not putting make up on? ur putting make up mo marka??

im like… ana a7eb elkhafeef.. i like it natural… but nooooooooo they never take that answer.

then the other one says something about my hair it being not healthy.. although i didnt show my hair since an earlier remark on it. but to bring it up again? the nerve!! anywho.. im a very sensitive girl, any thing effects me, i feel way more comfortable with my hair now than when i first got married about 6 months ago..

i love you Ot… please make me have a baby..