The Week of many

by vyyvaa

The past few days i’ve managed to make it high on many levels. i pulled out a decent homey reception for my mother in law (my first reception) / and dinner. .. and before proceeding let me talk about this.

Having the apartment ready was just the start, it feels great just to know the other stuff that are left are doable in our salaries. one month at a time, my mother in law just got out of al 3edda, her husband died 4 months and 10 days.. and so was her outing scheduled.. she visited me first, which is an honor i suppose (her other sons live with her). i scented the place and bokhoor all over, sweets and cookies were brought, pastry/bakery were ready, chai , Arabian coffee… my mom’s doing which i took full credit for lol. ‘i hate coffee, i never drink it’ , i dressed up not dara3a, but in a three quarter dress with jeans, and Ot’s gift for me when we were in our NYC honeymoon, a blue sapphire and diamond set of earings/necklase and ring. there was an amazing heart touching incident with it, but will talk about the honeymoon later. my hair was done straight puffy all over for volume, and my make up natural and blushy.

13 women came , two children, and one yet to leave childhood.. they were so impressed by the apartment and how we changed the look of it from what they originally put ‘we called allajna and took most of their stuff for charity and bought new stuff’. they even felt embarressed. any who, i started with the juice, coffee, sweets… and then they moved to my tv room, a cosier sit on the ground kind of room, they didn;t relax themselves as i hoped they would.. and that’s not my problem…it’s just their attitude, they don’t like to take off their hijab/negab/3abaya in any other house then their own.. and even in their own places, they cover their faces from visiting women !! unless its a close friend, or a family. im not a  yappy yappy talky person, so i let them talk, i showed them my bookcase, which is not fully functional (meaning i don’t have all my books in it yet). they were disappointed that it didn’t have as much arabic books as there were english. after al 3asha, they left, and  i stayed with my hubby and we had a reallllllllllllllllllllly great sex.. he said because i did a new move.. it definitely felt different for me.

on another level, after reading a post by 24am’s nat     i decided to join the club.. actually, it happened because more than one person commented that  i gained some weight. now i’m 10kg from be honest i’ve never been sieze 2, the most i’ve been is size 8, but now it’s 10 and annoying me. i did a complete blood test to measure the fast check for cholestrol levels/ diabetes/ and how my anemia is going.. that paper will go to diet care nutrotinonest whom i’m meeting tomorrow. it will decide how things will go for me. i was so exited when i saw flex, it definitely made me happy seeing yoga and arabic dancing classes 😀 and the swimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmming……. will i ever be a swimmer? oh my god, i know my breast size will decrease a cup size or two if i do, and that would be the high point of my post marriage life.

i know i’ve been delaying this alot, but finally (hopefully) we will go to 3omra via reyadh, we will move with his siter’s family, with our car, and then leave our car in reyadh, and perform 3omra, then go back and see reyadh, and any other interesting places in ksa… the only places i know in ksa are e7saa kobar and ranya, all are pretty entertaining for me.

am i pregnant? yet too early to even consider testing, my period shouldnt be due any time before the 17th.

i spoke to my sis in the usa, she seemed super happy and having a great time with the girls she knew there, that’s her character, she likes hanging out with friends ALOT. and since she made them her friends, then thats a happy time indeed,… she will come to kuwait begining of june, to leave mid july.

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