The History of nearly everything

by vyyvaa

the book.. and the concept is worth time.

i’m expecting two things, my period and my move out from current job. today while eating za3tar dipped with chai 7aleeb, i saw the three first gifts Ot gave me.

1. flowers, i kept one on my partition wall. red and standing.

2. an islamic broshure he picked up from the mosque he was praying in, and used it as an excuse to come to me in work and hand it over.

3. our names and a heart shape in the middle, engraved in a transparent strong paper weight.

we’re trying to level up the milage on his new car to reach 5000 in record time. its now 4300, we gotta do this so we can travel after car check up. i’m excited about this trip more than i was when we were planning our usa trip/honey moon.

it’s Ot’s time… today we’re going to the cinema

and in a few hours , i will see a nutrotionest. yesterday when i wore white shorts and Ot’s black sleevless shirt, i felt i have a good body, why am i turtoring myself with body issues…

Ot loves model figures.