Back from the life away

by vyyvaa

in the movie V for vendetta….. that portman girl……. could she ever look not pretty..or not smart.. or not emotional…why am i always impressed by isralies..?

exactly ten days i spent in saudi arabia,

1. performed omra , my first

2. visited jedda/’3air.

3. and got bedazzled by rayadh.

Ot’s sister lives in rayadh, so we stayed there, i have not much writing about it, not that i didn’t enjoy it… it’s just i didn’t get enough of Ot hanging with me; i suffer from emotions hunger, no matter how much he hugs and kisses me, i keep demanding more. he swept me off my feet several times literally and figuratively, comes to me in his sister’s kitchen and gives me the most amazing kiss just to say he misses me. .. even plays down my feet under the table when we eat.

now back in kuwait, our apartment….. that’s the place i missed so 🙂

things i learned while i was there

1. omra is easier than i thought

2. ka3ba is smaller than what TV shows.

3. there is no bigger blessing for a wife than to be put off any other man than her husband

4. i prayed most for the people i miss most, my sister and my parents.

5. girls always assume some guy in the mall is fixated on them.

6. the morning time in ksa is alot krispier than the one in kuwait.

i love kuwait so very..

i joined flex, and my first day should be tuesday, im so exited… i’ve started healthy cooking,

i bought martha stewart home keeping handbook. my determination to be on top of things is a source of pride…. i still feel strong toward learning in general, im currently interested in nutrition and computer science.

let the surfing begin.