counting condoms/ always a new girl

by vyyvaa

as if working in a magazine full of beautiful girls wasn’t enough…

i saw my brother in law’s wife beautiful today, and some how it made me jealous…. although Imo beautiful, smarter, more successful in my life, and way thinner than her..i feel she has something i don’t… can i pinpoint it? maybe she fits with their family more than i … maybe its her hair.. maybe its just me trying to correct myself.

this gathering we had today in my sister in law’s house.. i learnt the following

to always behave like a newly married especially toward my husband
never to get fat
to take care of my hair
to learn how to put make up

its amazing how i keep reminding myself daily to look beautiful for Ot. and as consequence, change my outfit three times a day, making me always short on clothes to show off. my whole closet is composed of clothes fit only for Ot. i can rarely find something fit for a family gathering. my work clothes have come to a standard jeans and a shirt, and my hair has accepted the straight look.

we are planning for a romantic trip. maybe france maybe italy, maybe paris.. maybe venice..

how i will miss the apartment when i go !

i just came back from the gathering three hours ago, Ot is a sleep, i used those hours to clean the kitchen, his bathroom, the living room, and the library room. i found me feeling better… if only i had time to clean the remaining two rooms and my bathroom………
tomorrow.. i will
and will club,

speaking of club… i’ve been in flex for three days now, my impression is this.. although i’m a few kilos away from my ideal weight, it looks as if i’m the fattest girl in flex!! 80% have good bodies.. i’m impressed and envious of their mindsets toward sport! i love the club, but an old problem has reaccured after hitting the treadmill for more than 20 minutes.. vaginal bleeding, i must see a dr for this, but the internet says its normal after excessive exercise.

why did the thought of Ot remarry cross my mind just now ? …….

i love you Ot… can’t wait to have ur baby.. ur promised me when ur condoms run out, we’ll work on the baby… so i counted..5 are remaining, no chance of pregnancy this month. next month … in venice… or paris, we’ll hit the sheets aiming baby.