Guys, Relax … like forever!!

by vyyvaa

On a good working day … a working day where I excused myself from the first hour, I brought breakfast to my mother in law, and just sat to chat. She started to get teary eyes…

In these kind of situations is when I wish I’m a guy, ever since my father in law died 5 months ago, his sons (5 including my husband) have done little (if not none at all) to proceed with financial papers, to ensure a salary for my mother in law. She has been surviving out of the 2300 gift from the prince ( a custom for all Kuwaiti widows) and what ever her sons and daughters give her. Guys! Why don’t you move!!! I’ve spoken to Ot about it more than once, he couldn’t do any thing, as the papers are signed under another brother’s name and he has to do it himself, what Ot does to compensate is to pay whenever he can for his mother so she doesn’t feel left out.

I don’t know how can men do this! When there is a need for them to MOVE, DO SOMETHING, they stall and delay and do everything except what they should! I kept telling my mother in law whenever she gets a chance of money she shouldn’t give them! But she’s such a kind of heart (like all our mothers God cherish them more and more).

Men don’t like it when women keeps asking for the same thing over and over (y7ennooon), but mostly women only do that when they feel there is no response! I’ve noticed that I keep telling Ot to drop the play station, concentrate on what I’m asking… please bring bread.. we ran out of bread! I don’t do it because I want to annoy him, it’s really something he has to do! I can easily go do it myself ( Bless my parents who taught me how to drive) but then again, I can go to jam3eya, I can pay the bills, I can support a baby when he/she comes. So remind me! Why do we need men? Oh… to have sex…right!

Speaking of sex

Speaking of which, yesterday I bought this cute outfit, short fluffy cheerful grey skirt, and a totally cute top just like Mandy Moore, copied her hair style, but more curls and French way. Voila… I knocked Ot right out of his desk to the bedroom, we’ve agreed this month is the no-condoms month, so I want to up my chances by having sex every day, but if the burning sensation keeps up, I might make it every other day. Any who, it was great foreplay and satisfying bed affair. I discovered Ot is into spanking, me losing weight (I’m couple of sizes away from modeling) has opened up his appetite for experimenting.

So there was this tiny opening to ask for a request … and I did when he came : Honey… let’s go away for the long weekend….

Yes love, of course, what ever you say 😀

Packing my bags.