The story of the wind and the sun

by vyyvaa

you are sleeping..honey… you are,

i can understand celine dion when she said “and when you sleep, i will miss you”

you sleeping makes me re evaluate a complete day, word by word, move by move. this day has come to mean alot to me.. when i came back from work you were filled with missing, and showered  me with kisses… and what did i do?.. i reminded you of the things you keep forgetting… did i really have to do that?

yes they were important stuff, and no they could not have waited… still, it might have been easier if it came from you…

today reminded me of the story: the wind and the sun…when a man was walking wearing his coat, both the wind and the sun bet on taking it off,the wind kept blowing and blowing, and the man held more and more to his coat, cold and blown away, still insisted on holding on to the coat… when the sun turn came, she blissfully beamed in rays of warmth and coziness, the man only wanted to access the sun in every way, and he took of the coat.

when i insist and hammer at you, you hold on to your coat,

and when i gently behave, or possibly even surrender to you… you surrender back.

you keep telling me how much power i have, only when i’m sweet. but there are times i keep only seeing negative from you..still, even in those down under moments, i want to be able to be sweet to you. you deserve it. i don’t want to change you any more, i realise you already possess what i want and desire, it just needs to show, and in time.. i will be able to acquire all the techniques neccessary to unfold you.