Movie Recommendation: North Country

by vyyvaa


Unlike popular opinion, i don’t feel a lot for Charlize Theron Beauty, it’s special, but somewhat there is a sense of disproportionate about her, i just can’t pinpoint it.

This movie is good regardless, inspired by true events  that significantly changed sexual harassment law in America. a single mother of two, just out of a failed marriage, decides to pay the bills and take care of herself and family on her own for the first time, the mine pays 6 times more than her short-lived job in a hairsalon. the work atmosphere is filled with resentment and rejection from the male coworkers against the female, showing them in every dirty way possible they are not welcome. Josie (Charlize) quits and goes on suing the company, unraveling a chain of reaction to her cause.

what i loved mostly about this movie is her father, how hard yet weak he is, after being critical of his daughter, and ashamed of her, he grew in fondness and support, the scene where he shuts every body to listen to his daughter, and then stands by her with his heart-felt speech ………..amazing.

as Ali G says (better known as Borat) RESPECT!