That guy, that too good to be true kind of guy.

by vyyvaa

Every workplace has a guy like him, he is this person who wants every woman to be fascinated by him, and he allures all and promises no one any thing, free from attachment yet always hunting for their attention and their attachment to him. He is so good in making every girl feel special, that he fancies her, even likes her, and waits to see her every day, notices when she is disturbed, even tell her that he noticed!! But the marvelous thing about this guy, he always appears as the gentleman not the Casanova, as a guy who has never EVER spoken to a girl, never mind the fact he is nearing his 40’s.

No short of charisma, very skillful with the ladies constant need of compliments and recognition, he nails it, girl after girl, almost all the girls get attached to the point of obsession and love, they want to see him, and hear his voice, they even do a good job just for him, show up at work early just for him…


But I know better than that, I’ve seen him do it over and over, that son of a ***** has fooled 3, and the forth is a new employee. I can’t even warn her, she will think I am into him and feeling jealous.