My second TTC

by vyyvaa

If there is one thing I’m going to learn from this trying to conceive experience. No wait, let me rephrase it: If there is one big thing I’m going to learn from TTC, it has to be patience, one educated trial month down, the rest of my fertile days to go.

Before, I used to hate my period, and wait for it to disappear from my life, now.. I look at it as a fresh new chance to multiply, I’ve gone on fertility testing, my LH level is higher than my FSH, just a little, but the ratio should be LH/FSH: 1/1 or ½, in my case its 2/1, another important test (and from what I hear the decisive test) is the progesterone test on day 21 from my cycle. So another waiting game begins; one that I can’t cheat in.


Since prison break is far from kicking in back soon, I’ve decided to watch LOST, and I’m well into second season episodes. Needless to say, my favorite character is Sawyer: D

A wish: if I do get pregnant, I want to look as cute as Claire.



I can’t wait for my salary to come, if they fail to hand in my total paycheck, I’m off this magazine, off for good.