How a man turns into a baby

by vyyvaa

answer: a sore throat and high fever…

when we were about to sleep, Ot unusually asked me to turn off the AC. he was sweating and cold, and his cough was unbearable to hear for someone extremely in love with him.. i did my homework, looked up remedies on net, made them one after the other, he was still cold, sweaty, and about to lose his voice… hours passed, me trying to convince him to go to the dr, he kept on saying no, as he went to the bathroom, it took him a long time, i walked outside the room and had a shocking scene: he was stretched straight on the corrider floor! immedietly i hugged the fever out of him into me and he was mumbling unable to do anything except press himself for more shelter into me, as much as i didnt want to separate, i did … wore the first thing i saw and took him to the hospital.. turns out his temp was 39, we stayed for couple of hours (Well after midnight)under IV. during this time, he asked me for something i do every night…

Ot: tell me a story

Me: a true one or fiction?

Ot: true

Me: long or short?

Ot: long

Me: once upon a time.. there was a guy who had everything except himself, he took care of everything except hmself…one day he got so sick, so the dr took him to separator, it separated the infected from the clear, his nose, chest, and stomack stayed up with the infected, and the rest of his body fell down in pieces, just talking and wondering what happened with the top parts…

Ot: thats me! thats not a real story! ma 7a6oni bmishkhal!

my Ot… after sundusk, we left the hospital, i took him over to his parents house to change the air and pillows in our apartment, holding his hand less temperature then it was a few hours back felt almost as good as a kiss …. and then a kiss it was.

i am now in the apartment, and he is sound asleep at his parents house, ill buy him his favorite caramel cake, wear the best dress i can find.

a thought is crossing my mind, why am i stressing over pregnancy, i already have a child… my husband, this is not disrespectful of him, nor am i planning to change him… its just what you do to people you love, you baby them alot πŸ˜€