Habba Kuwaiteya

by vyyvaa

It’s a Thursday, and like A LOT of people, I love Thursdays, not because of what happens or what will, but because of what won’t happen: going to work.

Habba Kuwaiteya

Some people have started to call what the youth do now: watching American series Prison break, lost, grey’s anatomy, 24…etc, they call it: Habba, a trend that catches the attention of Kuwaitis, and will eventually be replaced by something else. If its a habba, then I’m proud to be part of it, because at least, I’m not watching the same rich people, living in the most extravagant villa, wearing the most fashionable clothes, fully loaded with make up, and about to sleep, in some Kuwaiti series. Plus, i love the fact how as a couple when the two of us watch and debate the same thing, with two cups of hot coco. Now that we wrapped up LOST, we got hooked to Heroes, the current no.1 TV show.

Unique Dish

Yesterday, we spent half the evening looking for the entertainment city, and then the other half playing and recapping childhood, I told him repeatedly to eat something, not because I felt sorry for the guy and wanted him to be fed, but because I didn’t feel like cooking when I go back home, he kept saying I’m ok, until he opened the apartment door with this: make me a dish you have never ever made before. What a lucky girl am i! not only do I have to cook now, but also come up with something I don’t know! Improvise Vyyvaa, so it happened, I fried potatoes, then crushed them, I cut onions, colored chilly peppers, and cooked them with tuna, I then boiled yellow sun kissed corns and smeared them with salt, black pepper, and lemon. Last, I brought the bowl, put the crushed fried potatoes, the cooked vegetated tuna, and corn all together and handed it to Ot with a spoon. Voila, it was YUM YUM YUM, and to add more yumminess, the side dish was fat free yogurt.

3abla Kamil and Julianne Moore

I am a fan of 3abla kamil, her equivalent westerner would be either Julianne Moore or Natalie Portman, and I dont mean by looks obviously, it’s acting abilities; those actresses have amazing attachment to their characters you can’t possibly separate. 3abla kamil has been part of my favorite series: 7adeeth asaba7 wal masa2. talk of day and night if I may translate it lol. It was full of every possible event in life. any who, the reason im talking about it. is that i just watched 3awdat anadhla, return of the (how the hell do u trasnlate nathla to english !!) and even though she obviousely lived the carachter, i feel she is repeating her self, and re..peating herself.

when i was describing how the ride in the entertainment city was thrilling, my brother’s in law wife said: oh ot must have felt dizzy!! i got .. madre, well.. she was right! he did get dizzy , so she knows my husband gets dizzy easily, i just didnt geel cmfortable with the fact she knows my husband gets dizzy easily before i did.

Nude or Clothed

i’ve read in newq8pride blog how a commentor said something about men liking their wives to be naked, i don’t believe this is true. it’s commonly known women are more attractive dressed up rather than totaly on the nude (that applicable for men too) leaving more for imagination, and controlling the areas of advantage, and fading light on the parts less fortunate. clothes do make us look beautiful, and there is a reason why it’s ‘makroh’ that a husband looks directly into his girl’s most intimate.