Italy trip planning: the road map

by vyyvaa

Tickets: between 520-540kd for 2 persons route kw-rome-milan-kw.

hotel: 1000kd for ten days in apartment rental near Spanish steps, and Venice for couple of days.

Transportation: 300kd-400kd between national trains and taxis.

food: 300kd for ten days (and let’s hope this is enough of a figure)

sightseeing: 300kd for tickets passes and hidden expenses I don’t know about

shopping: theoretically its going to be ZERO, but practically 100kd maybe for some necessary matters. This trip is a non shopping trip (urghhhhhhhhhhh)

Italian phone sim-cards: for taxis and emergencies.


Trip to do list

visa’s: checked

fill up the credit cards: checked

buy couple of back packs

light light packing: must for train traveling

ensure all booking for good reviewed accommodation before travel dates