which is more expensive in kuwait, a baby stroller or a maid?

by vyyvaa

from the look of it in the malls, couples walking ahead and the maid behind them holding a baby .. or two or three.. i’s the straller that’s more expensive !

how can they do it? how can she walk with her husband and let her ‘7ashashat yofha’ in the arms of a total stranger? ? ? ? how ca the father allow it to happen?

to make you all women out there feel guilty, i have yet to see a picture of Angelina jolie’s nanny holding her babies.

either brad

or angelina… ya3ni COME ONNNNNNNNNN!!!!

and since we are in the baby segment, i have loved loved reading this article, i love the writing style, the idea, the stroy line, but mostly i love the ending….

Glamour: infertility