The Italian Effect: I heart my travel agent

by vyyvaa


by sheer luck, my travel agent is the italian liason of my accomodation in Rome, he is SUPER SUPER NICE, and has so far answered every question and detail i wanted to know, he even (GOD bless his soul) made a plan for me and Ot that falls within our budget limits (4000euros).

so i’m ditching milan, and replacing it with Modena, the hub of luxury car manufacturers:  Ferrari, maserati, Pagani, and lamborghini. the only car i will miss is what falls under alfaromeo which is in Turin.

i’m still unable to register the light packing technique, but getting close.

the more reviews i read, the more i feel (i think i’ve been there !) ya3ni enugh reading girl!!!

ok, here’s the draft plan put for me : 5 nights in rome, including visit to napoli, and capri.(complete cost accom, traspor, food, sightseeing:1550euro), 2nights in florence (750euro), 3 nights venice and modena (1180euro), milan one night (430euro).

so i guess its 11 days…here comes a fight with a boss for more leave days lol

let’s hope it will work.