Trip Journal-Italy

by vyyvaa


 Day 1

  • As soon as we brought our boarding to the gate, I remembered I left the italy books and handy papers in the car… Ot refused to go back, and so did the government of Kuwait.
  • Landing was full of it self… it produced three HHH guys (Hot Hot Hot), and a Kuwaiti royal girl who passed all screening ahead of all.
  • The airport, we were the fastest out, only one carry-on bag, and we didn’t have to wait for the luggage claim, even the Kuwaiti royal was still stuck waiting-wearing a Fendi bag, and matching Fendi shoes. Not to mention her own Kuwaiti entourage-woman.
  • Since I had no clue as to what their taxis looked like, we took the first one who yelled (Taxi). And later found out he ripped us off with double price pay.
  • We reached our cozy apartment, to stay in for five days, it was located near the Vatican City, and the care lady was so kind and to my delight left us completely alone with no (don’t do this, and don’t touch that).
  • It was about 6 p.m. local time, and Ot was ready to hit the sheets, while I was thinking ( I’m in Rome !! and he wants us to sleep!!) of course marital duties held me off Rome for the first night.


Day 2

  • There was a lovely breakfast waiting right outside our apartment door, croissant, milk, juice, bread, cheese.. the whole oriental thing.
  • But who am I fooling, Ot will not fall into that, so off we went to try some real Italian breakfast.
  • We kept on walking to understand the city, we had Nokia N95 with us, and the GPS was thrilling with guides to shops, restaurants, sightseeing, etc.
  • Everything in Rome is rigid, old, authentic, genuine…. Its history out from a book.
  • We went to visit the pantheon, had the breakfast at Piazza Navona, enjoyed a never ending flood of tourists around Campo de’ Fiori, Piazza Venezia, and of course Fontana di Trevi.
  • Kept on walking and for hours, it made our feet sore, but the buildings, the streets, the images, the weather was PERFECT, it didn’t matter I was wearing my only shoes. I’m in the shoe land for god’s sake J
  • We had dinner around Piazza di Spagna. I loved it very much, I didn’t go on the steps simply because the tourist had conqured every spot on it. And instead, we explored the streets, and found the amazing designer shops, I was mostly impressed with the  louis vuitton  stairs, flashing lights and different arrays that demonstrate its high style.


  • We went back to the apartment via Rome termini subway system, it cost us two euros for a one way trip back to our stop: Ottaviano, the closest to our apartment. This reminded me of New York, but really, that’s about as much similarity it has with Rome, and the narrow streets of course.
  • So tired… so happy, so impressed… we collapsed to a pinkish bed.

To be continued. (photos by Nokia N95)