continue Trip journals-Italy

by vyyvaa

Day 3




  •  This was the sightseeing day major doze. We went to the colossium, and Ot insisted to get in in spite of the long lines, the ticket was 11 euro each, and we waited in line for more than an hour, but it wasn’t that difficult and the crowd was fun to watch.
  • It was really weird for me to see Indians, bangali’s talking perfect Italian! And then switching and talking to each other in perfect native language.
  • The reason I mentioned them is because they hunt down tourist with items they carry to sell.
  • Moving inside the colosseum, and remembering 7ekayat 3alameya first story, the lion and the boy.. where the lion instead of eating the boy, saved him from another lion, because of how kind the boy was to him… I also remembered the gladiater… I felt my steps, away from all tourists through out the years, and way back to roman time… the fighters, the crowd.. why was the ground shaped like that I can’t really figure it out, must read more into it..
  • leaving the Colosseum, Rome major street was getting ready for tomorrow’s event, the Unification of the republic of italy national day.

Day 4


  • We spent more time in the Spanish steps, we saw Kuwaiti couple… and I suspected… is this yara 😀
  • we snaked in one of the resturants hidden somewhere in that area, the waiter was eqytpian.. and boy was Ot glad to have found someone who speaks a language we understand!! even english wasnt enough to get us thru!!
  • we saw air shows, and there was celebrations on the streets, but also tasted some italian anger. one italian police officer on a motorcycle came as close as he can to one pedestrian, he noticed that the pedistrian complaining against the police, and boy.. was he mad (the police man) and i understood that although i dont speak italian… it made me feel italians are like arabs, when they’re mad, they’re mad!!! Grrrrrrrr
  • We had lunch at a tuscan restaurant, the meat was sizzling, very delicious, we spent the rest of the day, going along the river, all the way to the tiny island within it, past it to old small cathedrals, and many landmarks that I simply can not remember their names.
  • We checked out Rome termini upper level, where all the trains are, booked one for the next day to napoli. We had dinner, and spoiled our selves with sweets. I bought Elle magazine, and it cost me 9 euro!!! Its cheaper in Kuwait!


Day 5

the train ride scenes the ferry  capri from the ferry window 

  • This might just be our best day ever, we went to napoli via eurostar, it was first class seats, very comfortable. And the trip was full of scenery, so we fest our eyes until we finally landed in busy and plentiful napoli.
  • The intention was to go to Capri, so we took the first bus to the port, and from there took a SNAV ferry to Capri. The ferry ride was smooth and picturesque.
  • Landing in Capri, a total beauty, ever green, ever high, and full of tourist.
  • I saw a pregnant tourist… it felt to me as if I saw a celebrity… what’s going on with me and pregnant women?
  • When I saw the girls on the beach in pure joy, I wanted to jump right in.. but there was Ot to remind me… I’m still a Kuwaiti .. going by Kuwaiti rules 😀
  • We took a cap to see Capri, and Anacapri, the two towns within the island. The island itself is tiny, it could be as big as Faiha, but we needed the cap because the road keeps swirling in the upper direction, we simply couldn’t just walk.
  • But the weather was heavenly… there were squares were tourists were gathered, I even saw designer shops!
  • Ot flipped on the nature of this island, he kept saying over and over: ma sha allah , sob7an allah…
  • We stopped at the highest point to relax and take some photos. And kissed, someone must have taken our pic, paparazzi flashes like celebrities 😀
  • We returned back, took a ferry to napoli, and from napoli back to rome, we were there around 12 a.m.
  • The language barrier was evident clearly that night, since the subway closes at 9, we had to take a bus from rome termini to Ottaviano, and the bus driver couldn’t understand me trying to tell him ” let me know when u get close to Ottaviano”. We had to walk in the middle of the night, although it wasn’t as scary as New york, but I saw one guy who tried to get close to my husband, and that was enough to make us pace faster.

To be continued (photos by Nokia N95)