I Saw A Celebrity (a CNN anchor)

by vyyvaa

Day 6


  • We hopped on an early train to Florence. Bye bye Ancient yummy rome.
  • I Liked the hotel alotttttttttttttt because the bathroom had an item I so much miss from back home 😀 (water hose near the toilet)
  • We walked to the Duomo, which seemed to me as if it was laid on the ground, and a thousand Artists kept spreading their magic all over it, and then finally put it back up!
  • Ot (and to some degree me too) was not comfortable with the way we tourecd the Duomo, it was as if it was Mecca and we kept praising it.
  • We took a horse ride (cost us 50euro) to go around the old streets/buildings, the guide was well informed, but it was obvious he must have said this a millions times before J
  • Michael Angelo… he was a favorite of mine when I was young, but then being in the place where he was raised, still… Ot couldn’t stand the fact I take a picture of a naked David statue, me like : Italy is a naked haven J
  • We kept exploring types of Pizza in one restaurant and even though we couldn’t find that “wow” taste yet, it was nothing like Pizza Hut J


Day 7



·        It was the Venice Day, and I loved this day from beginning to end!!

·        First off, the ride from the train , I saw Jonathan Mann, the CNN anchor, I’m such a big fan, and seeing him send butterflies down my stomach. Ot was in a bad mood, and grmpy, asking me if I had that secret crush on him, I was like” mo bas ana, even my sister!!” loooooool, but wow wow wow, I just loved his look, his calmness, he is exactly as I think of him, he had his daughter along with him, and there was a lucky English woman, who was seated next to him, and they kept talking and talking.

·        Surprising thing is, it was economy class, so why would Jonathan Mann be seated in Economy (its not expensive tara, maybe 10euro more).

·        We landed in Venice, and the water views were evident already. Instead of taking the water bus (which Jonathan Mann and daughter took!!) we took the Gandola ride, sining Santa Lucia all the way thru the Grand Canal J so we kissed and kissed, more than the bridges of Venice could keep a count of.

·        It cost about 100 euro, so we left that and walked thru Venice allies, trying hard to get lost… until we found a square, in one of its corners it was written (halal shawerma), and we found two Kurdish couple who speak Arabic, and they kept telling us their stories with Saadam and its secret police activites. Ot had that look of a child who’s just about to receive a yummy icecream. He was all ears J

·        We wished them happy life… and I couldn’t help think why did I calculate in my head how much it took her to have her first child (she mentioned how long they’ve been married, and how old is her son.. so my bio calculator worked).

·        There was a journals and notes store, so I took one for the memory … from Venice.

·        We returned to Florence, same day. It wasn’t tiring. The train rides are such a joy really.


Day 8


·        We signed up for a one day tour in Tuscany, the province whre Florence is, but also known as the country and vineyards province, the trip had a fantastic program… it started at 8 o.clock in the morning.

·        We rode in a bus with a group of tourists, and our first city was Sienna,  before reaching Sienna the panoramic views where breathtaking, I wished if I could ask them to stop. But I didn’t have to, there were many stops along the way.

·        Sienna is a very special town for me and Ot. You see, there is this thing we do when we travel: check out salons, so he went to a salon, and had hair make over. I loved it so much , and so did he, to the point that when we were walking, he would walk slowly so that any air won’t ruin his hairdo J J J

·        Sienna is ancient houses, and horse contests town. They have the first hospital in Europe and the town it self was used as a stop, connection point for scientist travelers, or artiest… etc, so they have memoirs in their own houses when hey invite them for a stay over J

·        We left Sienna, to have a lunch at a Farm house in the greenest lands of Tuscany, the view was so relaxing, we passed by Tony blair vacation house, and so it seems, a lot of famous people have vacation houses in Tuscany!

·        Then we went to san gimignano, from a far it looks like Manhattan, tall towers acting like skyscrapers. The families in this town used to fight over who had the tallest tower, so building another taller one is a sign of superiority!

·        I loved this town, it looked like a long narrow street with shops on both sides, the shops were mostly antique, or crafts and arts, I think it is mostly a touristy area.

·        It rained, and rained, didn’t stop. And I had my wish .. kissing under an umbrella with pouring rain all over. Just like Heroes Peter Petrelli scene (ubaaih ana wayed mit2athra belmosalsal!!)

·        Yet to come more inspirations from heroes, is the swords  inside the shops, Ot was fascinated, and we tried to track down Hero Nakamawa’s sword of telepathy J

·        Then we drove to Pizza, the Pizza tower… and the largest number of African Italians, showing their knock out bags/watches/ and glasses…

·        Seeing Pizza leaning tower for the first time was a thrill to us.. Ot wasn’t so convinced it was leaning until he got close enough to touch it J

·        The bus ride back to Florence was pretty long, but still panoramic views… we slept very satisfied that night.