Marriage, Family and Beyond.

by vyyvaa

  • ever felt whenever you go thru the drawers, you simpy pick less and less clothes… and there seems to be piles of clothes your mind has shut off completely? i keep feeling so for my wardrobe, even though i regularly shop..
  • its a fact that little knowledge is dangerous, but too much knowledge is hurting me too! i just read that cardiovascular exercise can not be used alone, but need to be associated with weight training exercise (bodybuilding or body scuplting) plus i need to vary in quality and quantity now and then. walla fothawa.. o ba3dain why do they mislead us with celebrities who lose wieght only on a treadmill!!!
  • I run away from cooking, like i run away from a due project…. why am i scared if i already passed the biggest test! : RAMADHAN!
  • so i lreant that one of my favorite actresses: Kerri Russel, just gave birth to a baby,…and another favorite: Jenna Elfman, other wise known as Dharma in Dharma and  Greg, is pregnant.  why is it news?
  • Saturday is a difficult day, you never know if you’re going to  go to work or not, and when you do go, you never know if you’re gonna get through with it.. but when it’s passed, it makes the rest of theweek tolerable.  why can’t i take an early retirement 😦
  • i wish i can give my sister the sit-down and let’s talk speech…. but i alreay know she won’t listen to me, because she refuses to speak herself. i wish if she would grow up, 16 year old is 10 years far from her, grow up!!!!
  • i’ve done our 5 year financial plan, and it made me so happy, being able to eliminate all our commitments in that time would be great for our future children. and the comfort and piece of mind for us.
  • who ever caused me pain in my life time, i will never be able to forgive them… nor forget it. memory is a difficult thing to live with.
  • i want to get pregnant to see how my mom will react. i want to see her cry of happiness…. is that too cruel?
  • i used to think i’m mom’s favorite, now i know i’m mom’s most protected child.
  • which is what we are doing now to our sister…. sometimes, u need to let people in the wild, with no protection, not to make mistakes.. but simply to experience fear, and learn to deal with it.
  • Every night, Ot does the one thing he most enjoys about me: walking me up when i’m in the twilight zone, and asking me questions/ and i simply answer the most absured/strangest and unusual ways. he cracks up every single night, and puts me back to sleep.