The kind kind

by vyyvaa


My husband is the kind-kind of guy. And ever since I discovered that he is so, I’ve been acting like emotional bodyguard for him. He loves techy stuff, and would buy them as soon as they are in the market. And here lies my problem…

He buys the newest phone, and his brother takes it.
He buys original windows vista ultimate as soon as it lands in Kuwait, another brother grabs it.
He just got some cash, and his sister asks for it
He bought a high-speed expensive USB storage stick and his brother jumps for it.

I’ve tried to argue this with Ot, but then he goes: they are my family, yestahloon. But then again, why don’t they do the same to him! I realize Ot Is just too kind to even consider shutting them off. But they need to be reminded that he is now a married person, responsible for me,
So that phone he bought the first time was part of ‘our phones are identical agreement’
That windows vista ultimate was for our computer
The money was supposed to go for our spending
And that USB, well…. That was what we carefully shopped together on a significantly money splurge day.

I can’t really believe this; the one who took the USB today has just received a 1000kd bonus! And he took money from Ot last month, why can’t he at least return the money for him! To have the nerve (and the cheapness) to take a USB. Shda3wa 3ad! (No offence to u eshda3wa girl).

Your dirty Laundry

Are you the type of person who lets her dirty laundry out? Like.. if you’re husband is the cheap type, you would go on and on about that, or if you’re having an uncomfortable marriage life, you will consume all your emotions in tales of how unhappy you are? I don’t know if I’m that type!

I know someone, who can’t mention her husband’s name without saying “gl3etah” and “yestahil” and “min zena”, when she is visiting family, she extends it from one day to two or three… and openly telling people “ abe arta7 , aftak!”

Not to say that all men are perfect, but those problematic ones, what help would it do if we tell others about them in a negative way? When one day that guy turns around and becomes the man of our dreams, there may be no left memories of those ugly times in our heads, but that person I’ve been telling about my husband, he/she will have one impression only, and it’s that one that I gave during my dirty laundry sessions.

Honey, are you proud of me?

Once at work, one of my colleagues asked me what felt like a strange, yet strong question: “is your husband proud of you?”

I wondered why would she think my husband should be proud of me, obviously I felt stupid to ask her back, because he should be proud of me generally speaking… but really, why should he be proud of me?

Listing begins:

-I’m a good wife
-I’m educated
-always trying to get more knowledge
-I am a book-warm;
-I am supportive of his complete personality.

That night we had dinner at Edo Japanese restaurant (by the way, lovely food), I asked him: honey, are you proud of me?

Ot: yes, very much.
Vyyvaa: why?
Ot: because inti trfe3en rasi (which again means, because you make me proud!)
Vyyvaa: laish arfa3 rasik?

And it kept circulating on and on, mentioning all listed above. I felt not satisfied, I wanted him to be proud of me, but for what, and how? I didn’t know… and then it occurred to me, I’m missing a whole other realm…

I should be proud of him too, and without wasting my time in thinking why should I be proud of him, I’ve made a mental decision to encourage my husband in his soon to start educational opportunity, and support him 1000%. That would be our’Pride’s Mine’ for both of us.