Because women are the smart species.

by vyyvaa


my current favorite married couple

Key to my heart

There is a common belief that women can easily be swept away by words. But I say men are even easier. At the time of my engagement, I will never forget how Ot kept telling me: “don’t underestimate your powers over me; you can win me with words, with flirt, and femininity.”  When he said that, I fell in love with him all over again, this guy has just given me the keys to all his locked doors, the solution to all possible future problems, who does this? And through out our first year of marriage so far, I’ve not wasted a day without using those keys, in good times and in bad times. They say men are types, but who doesn’t want to hear good words, love and romance filled air? Who doesn’t want to feel a repeated pattern of happiness? In addition to what Ot taught me, I have learnt and maintained a great lesson: run away from problems like a plague. Ever time there surfaces a misunderstanding, I cool down, reevaluate my approach, and let him have his way for 5 minutes, and then enjoy my success after that, with those keys that he gave me. It’s not worth screaming and shouting. It’s definitely worth a cry though! Not only is it an emotional release. But also a method of convincing that goes the longest way.

Men are the biggest procrastinators, somehow they’ve adapted to the fact that women can eventually work things out on their own. If something as urgent as taking the days trash out can be postponed the next day, or the day after, then there is no limit to even more delays. When women need things, they want it now! I want to go to the mall now! I want to buy grocery now! I want you to fix the car now! Men can’t possibly register why you simply can’t live another day without going to the mall, or can’t push grocery one more day, or not go out at all and wait for the weekend to get your car fixed (and by that time the garage would’ve been closed). You see, there are reasons we can’t wait, we’re not always that pushy just for the sake of being pushy, like the thing with our rental, every 1st of the month we have to pay it, I asked Ot to call the guy and schedule a meeting to pay it, but Ot kept delaying it. I didn’t want him to wait until the guy calls him for his money, especially when we already got it saved for this day. But Ot kept on delaying, until the guy called him and reminded him he was late…. Seriously, couldn’t men have saved them selves the embarrassment of procrastination? My sister was telling my mom how her refrigerator is down, and her husband has not yet called the repairman, mom was in shock: “ allah yer7am obokom, kan lo ma 3inda ay fils, y6ale3 floos min ta7t elarth o yjeeb lina 7ajatna, o ysale7 elkharban mn don ma neshtiki”…have the new generation lost that touch?