My Purchases from Sultan Center

by vyyvaa

1. Fat free milk: I usually go for reduced fat milk, this is purely a health-concsious choice.

2. extra gums, at the times i cant scrub my tongue (am i the only one who feels like throwing up whenever i scrub my tongue?)

3. slimfast optima peanut butter crunch: i love it so much, its the best tasting healthy snack ever!

4. Clear shampoo: for men dandruff shampoo, my husband is suffering from it these days.

5. Evian mist spray: sometimes i wonder how i could survive without it!

i tag newq8pride, yara, eshda3wa (m3thora if ur traveling), Enigma, shoush,ย  shoosha and any one who wants to post at least 5 of their last purchases from sultan center.