I’m happy for what happened to Virgin

by vyyvaa

here’s why

1. overly priced items, several times i have found books/magazines/phones/computers, elsewhere with less price tags.

2. the annoying every few days reordering departments.

3. unprofessionalism, in the sense they even put Play station 3 on display for sale when it was not yet officially in the middle east market!

4. documentary dvd’s were hugely uninspiring.

i find kuwait bookshop in muthanna to be the best bookshop in kuwait. and since virgin-kuwait has totally lost the concept of the book,music and videdo store because ashkara they were only aiming for profit, (when it added phones, printers, computers, different electronics, games, toys.. nagis bas el thalaja!!) then they shouldn’t yet do this in kuwait.

I miss Canada’s chapters sooooo much 😦

seriously though, i totally disagree with people who think that shutting down virgin is a violation of freedom!

3asa ma shar!

hadoo eli3ib

and… save it for a good cause/shop.