Vacationing on an egyptian series

by vyyvaa




In Ramadan of 2003, Arabian TV channels played the perfect series: 7adeeth Al Sabah wal masa2. it had such successful elements to it:

  1. a huge number of well known actors. Almost all highly talented.
  2. story by Najeeb Mahfouth
  3. Story starter: begins before the beginning song even!
  4. documentation of life as it really is.

It’s a series about life, about happiness and sadness. About love and belief, about customs and rebelling against it, do you remember this series?

Huda/Layla 3ilwe Ameerit esitat… sit elameerat

3a6a alamarkabi …

Jaleela/3abla kamil and her abo al7asan.

Do you remember the fairy tale love story between the shoemaker and the socialite?

Do you remember daily premonitions of jaleela?

The sadness that ruled ouver sedee8a?

I’ve spent 18kd to get this series on DVD. And watched it for a week now… and I’ve cried when 3a6a died, when sedee8a was eager to have kids… and couldn’t, when abo 3mr finally saw his brother and got his eagerness to live again…. And when he cried for him as he tells him his parenting failure…

Oh this series is a tear jerker level numero uno…I recommend it highly for every one. This is a real Egyptian story, no copy cat, all the actors have done such an outstanding job.