The new friend

by vyyvaa

For years.. I’ve asked one of my close friends to come and work at my place as it better suits her, I didn’t know what I was doing to our relationship….

I’m that type of girl who doesn’t sit and chat every single work day for hours… or comes late, and leaves for breakfasts and lunches breaks…. I try my best to at behave…but this friend of mine, she is just no work material… and I don’t need to judge her on that, cause our relationship has nothing to do with work…

Then came this other girl at work, who hit it off 200% with my close friend, so close, that they take each other out on weekends, and even today as my friend left for a vacation, she farewell-ed her in the airport!! I’ve noticed that my friend is speaking to me less about her personal issues, and instead confiding in the other girl….I honestly don’t know what should I do? But it’s probably because they have more interests in common; both are extreme fashionista’s. And I’m the jeans and neutral colors girl.

Sometimes I feel like I want to talk to my friend… but seriously what do I say? I’m not jealous.. I’m more at an observing state… watching a close friend being closer to someone else… like if I advice her to steer clear from a bad guy. This other girl is telling her to play some womanly tricks to fix him.

I’m not going to hide it, I kind of felt hurt that she didn’t mention any thing about coming to her at the airport when we were speaking yesterday…further more the other girl actually goes to the airport and spends time with her! The funny thing is, I feel this other girl is feeling guilty when she speaks to me, but only around my friend, when its just me and her, she is casual-to cold towards me.


 Did that ever happen to you? Watching one of your friends being taken by another?