Eight facts about me

by vyyvaa

thank u Yara for tagging me ..

1. I am a huge fan of African American drama films.

2.Β  I am very education-oriented, anything/matterthat comes up, i will make sure i’ve read at least 2 thorough books about it.

3. I can not stop hoping that Brad pitt will come back to Jennifer Aniston, that’s why every internet session i do always starts with checking brad/angelina/jennifer news…… (im so embarressed of this!).

4. I once cried after sex because the orgasm was really phenomenal (yeah i know too private.. but what the hell πŸ™‚ )

5. the brand that closely represents my taste is Abercrombie and Fitch… yet i don’t own a single item of them.

6. if people in the mall would want to nickname me, it would be: beeb beeb! because i really walk in fast pace, no feminine struts of heels.

7. My favorite cartoons is 7ekayat 3alameya.

8. On our honeymoon, we had a fight because i refused to take an 800kd gift Ot gave me… eventually i did take it.