I am pregnant: the details

by vyyvaa

ok now i believe it… but my sister told me to go to the pharmacy and take a urine test, but i’m afraid i will wake up from this dream… so im gonna believe the HCG beta… which seriously is the most accurate u can get!

a few minutes after i posted my “within the cycle” entry, i went to pick up our plane tickets (we’re flying tomorrow to the usa for a business trip of my husband) while on the road, i’ve made a mental decision to go to the clinic, perform the hcg beta test, and then go to the travel agency, pick up the tickets, head back to the clinic… and pick up the result… which ever it may be.

enroute back the clinic, i was all pinky dreams, its a girl… and i wanna dress her up…. its a boy, and i want him to be soooo nashmi…. getting closer, and when i parked, those indians that keep insisting on saying esalam 3alikom just to wash ur car didnt annoy me that much to day, and i decided to give sadaqa… hoping that god will accept it pure heartedly. i went straight to the 2nd floor… the recpetion guy, took my receipt,  got my result out, and carefully folded it inside an envelope… that may have taken a few seconds, but it was counted in hours for me, i wanted to force my hands into that paper before it reached the envelope….

he finally gave it to me, i walked away, didnt want to open it infront of the clinic crowd, didnt even take the elevator, decided stairs would be my shock area… bad shock, good shock





please God u can change this result to higher than 5 i know u can, please god… please… and i opened it, it was 74….. all that learning, all that reading, all that education, all those sites i’ve memorized talking about pregnancy… it just faded away, and i had no idea what 74 meant….. HONESTLY!!! i’ve programmed my self the past 5 months that  what ever about 5 is a positive, but came that morning, and i needed another brain to register that! i went back, passed the reception, entered the dr’s office, told her to explain what the test means..

dr: i cant explain this to u, we have to sit alone

me: please dr.. just tell me… am i ?

dr: are u married?


dr: then congratulations u r pregnant!

oh my…… 6ab3an, every body laughed, and i think one of the women had tears in her eys for me, as i was hysterical, and repeating “oh my god oh my god…” ya3ni shda3wa engalazeya… SPEAK ARABIC!!!! and then all the way i was like, yomma.. yomm.a… a7medik ya rab .. ashkorik ya rab….well one way or another, those words were repeated beyond count… i tried to dial the phone.. my mom out of the country, it didnt reach, my sister was calling me, i screamed on the phone : ana 7amil ana 7amil!!!!! she told me to calm down, and no time for jokes.. but i was crying and crying.. i was really sobbing miserably… she finally believed me.. this is not how i wanted it… i  wanted to do a urine test at home, and have my husband wait for the result and we hug together… not him still in bed, and am all wet with tears and sweat!

i reached the apartment, went straight to the bed, i woke ot.. am pregnant… he didnt believe me…  i felt like im the sheapard who just told too many lied to be believed! but my body language convinced him and he jumped out of bed and hugged me and we both prayed thank you prayers to god………….

my mom was so happy on the phone……….its just nothing i can write in words really…. my brother cried… he told: u are really a woman now!!!

so thats the best story of my life.. thank u allllllllllllll for ur comments and advice and best wishes… and pearl… i already boought what to expect when ur expecting 5 months ago… and even i have a stash of pregnancy magazines that i can finally read 😀

i went to the obygn and she gave me suppliments of folic acid and progesterone for tathbeet al7amil.. because im going to travel the three coming weeks…

i love you so much blogger community, u have been very supportive, understanding, educative, and there for me when i need some one to listen or turn to.

Baby gab… here i come 😀