Return journal

by vyyvaa

day 1: the morning sickness, and ‘wa7am’ started on the way back to kuwait, specifically on the plane… i now appreciate the motion sickness bags they put behind the chairs … it was an unsettling 12 hour period… the moment i arrived to kuwait, i had to go to the bathroom and complete my cycles of vomiting.

day 2: the next day as well was uncomfortable and i had to throw out every food i put in. i felt like those anoroxic skinny-wannabes who stick their fingers down their throats… except i was not anaroxic, nor sticking my finger! when i went to bed… and even though the ac was turned off, my two feet flet like two big ice cubes… honestly, i could barely move to get socks… i’ve asked my sisters about this nausea and vomiting, and told me i have to endure it for 4 months (maybe 6)… it was the first time that i turn to my big sister, and she doesnt help me at all ! she just said: allah y3eneich if u are that type… something made me feel so lonely at that point.. my mother told me to eat and vomit and eat and vomit… so did my husband… but who can do that?!!! i decided im gonna eat as minimal as possible… so far,  its been one meal a day, and little fruit or frozen juices as snacks.

day3: i slept for the much needed 12 hours, since the past two days i got 0-3 hours only. it was difficult to get out of bed, and i only did because my bladder was gonna burst, and i have prayers to catch up with. i felt nausea but no vomiting today, it was nearly a comfortable day, except i did not have any energy. i did however have enough energy for three barred mothalath moz, and one toot! i felt like the cold stuff specially solid, soothe me.

monday im going back to work… no thrill, no excitement, and i’m afraid my face is gonna scream : pregnant woman!