How does she do it ?

by vyyvaa

i’m soon to enter my third month, my stomach is yet unsettled and after being admitted to the hospital, the conclusion has been set not to fast rest of ramadhan…. but then i look at a picture of angelina jolie, carrying two of her kids, and taking them EVERY WHERE.

how does she do it? i hardly get off bed! i’m one lazy girl since this whole pregnancy started….. don’t celebrities get morning sickness? i know for a fact there is not yet a cure for that, so how can they? ! i’m not assuming she is prego, but she is skinny and overloaded. every time i remember there is a tattoo that says ‘al3azeema’ on her arm.. i feel it contagious.

but halle berry is almost one month apart from me, yet she is so energetic… 6a7 7athi šŸ˜¦