Confessions of a Pregnant Woman

by vyyvaa


  1. Sticking my finger down my throat has started to become an inevitable release from several hours’ long nausea and bloating.
  2. Water is disgusting, milk is disgusting, and cocktail is disgusting, any plain form of liquid is. The only way to get fluids is by fooling my stomach (chewing on oranges, watermelon, grapes, and pretending I’m enjoying the cereals when my ultimate aim is to suck the milk bowl to the last drop.
  3. even though I’m constantly sleepy, the old pains and discomforts (nausea, bathroom trips) and the new one ( several toothaches) have formed a united strong frontier against me falling asleep any time before 2 a.m. so now I get 5-6 hours of sleep a day, even less than my pre-pregnancy sleep pattern.
  4. Every night, me and my husband take rounds at changing the ac temperature, he wants less than 22, and I aim more than 23.
  5. Wearing double pants, double pair of socks, and my jacket didn’t help, so I moved to the TV room and plugged in a heater full load.
  6. I have resisted sex for as long as I could, not because he puts me off, but because of the fatigue and nausea my body has been left with.
  7. People keep telling me to remove all the negative feelings and forget the pain I’m feeling… how can I forget something that guards my throat 24hours?
  8. I’ve been salivating so much that I think I lose 8 cups of water a day, which makes me need 16 cups of water rather than 8. Impossible!
  9. If any thing may happen to this pregnancy, God forbid, I think it will be a long time before I try again.
  10. yet I want at least 3 kids….


Thank God I’m not an elephant; their pregnancy lasts nearly 2 years…