Simulated feeling

by vyyvaa


Love list

 Kiss me until you feel completely satisfied

Hate list

 Change… I don’t want our family gatherings to change, I want my child to have the happy childhood I had, with the same design of life, how we were tucked to bed at certain times, how cartoons were played immediately after fotoor…


 Sleeping a lot or lying in bed or on the floor has made my stomach more disturbed.


Little story,

 There was once a cucumber that wanted so much to be a carrot, she had a sense of color, and decided that the sun is the only one who could whisk her into carrot land, if only she stayed long enough for an orange tan…

She turned into a rotten banana.



 I discovered that 4 of my 6 New Year resolutions have been obtained…not so bad for a lazy hyperemesis-influenced girl.



-I have not yet landed in my most comfortable job. And I fear it may not even fall under my educational major.

-Recently I have been extremely disgusted by money that I do wish to have a job much less in pay than my current, contrary to my pre-2007 mind set… at that point, all I wanted is a double pay job, all time for work.. no social life… what was I thinking?

Happy thought,

 Watching Ot play with the baby.

Mommy playing with the baby.

Short and completely revamped hair for Eid.

Being healthy, energetic, and productive again.

A dream

 Relive primary and intermediate school years…

Study Biology, and be all over again mesmerized by an amoeba.