Luxury Buy

by vyyvaa

 gowwa banat, especially our fashionista’s Zahra, and confashion. i just bought the above bag from Versace store in Salheya.. it’ costs 540KD, when on eluxury it was priced $2245, so i guess i got it at a cheaper price! anywho… do you know when you look at an item and all the lights head to it, and it stands out completely?!!! thats exactly how this metallic semi mirrored bag looked like, i’ve gone from store A to store Z, and there was only two remaining, Versace and Valentino… the bag kept screaming at me to buy it walla…

what do you think? o yimkin esora thalmat.ha, you should see it in the store, it’s the STAR i tell you!

oh by the way… it’s a gift for my older sister 🙂