Crispy soon to be winter mornings

by vyyvaa

this is the time of the year that i regret living in an apartment, no exposure to the outside weather, we  don’t even hear it when it rains…. yet i managed every beautiful morning of this time, to go and sit for early breakfasts either in work, mom’s, or mom’s in law’s house.

i’m on my last week of the 4th month, nausea has reduced to morning sickness only, i’m much better than the first three months, but i’m still not energetic, i did however manage to be steady in work.

the baby didnt kick yet, and although i have not been active alot, the dr told me thru ultra sound that i have a placenta previa, and i need to be on semi-bed rest. perfect! just when my appetite for baby shopping has exploded! i’m taking her advice but not vigorously.

i’m glad i don’t yet feel the immediate need for a maid, except for the lunch time.. i wish i have some little people who do the cooking every day without me  knowing, and i come to the dining room with Ot…. naturally i would take the full credit for the food 😀 i know newq8pride has felt she needs it, but my advice to u girl is to wait until its imminent.. .hold it back as much as you can… i sometimes call a part time maid every other week.. so u can do the same for sure.

every body is telling me i have a boy… we’ve decided not to check.. i haven’t seriously thought about whom would i rather have… although a girl is certainly a cuty, and a good start for new mommys 🙂

every night before i go to sleep… and every morning before i leave the bed… i put my hand over my lower tummy, and wait for any fetal movement… it’s just not kicking yet…. there is one girl at work who just delivered yesterday… i remember the day she told us she was pregnant… and now she has her baby… me soon…fly time… fly…

i haven’t hit any maternity wardrobe yet, not heavy enough… nor am i exactly fitting into my jeans, loose.. and cottons are doing it until i become a basket ball..

that’s a wrap up… miss blogging. but didnt feel writing about the nausea until is completely left me .