Kuwaiti Talent…

by vyyvaa


Honestly… i used to be a big advocate of the above writer… i was a die hard fan of his first books, ab3ad majhola1 and 2… i bought all his books… until i discovered what an ass he is, what an idiot he thinks the readers are!

a steal…a cut and paste… any twilight zone fan would know he STOLE stories from the show!!! did he think we didn’t watch the twilight zone? just because it played 40 or 50 years ago does that mean we don’t know it existed?! … ya3ni you should also check his site ya jima3a !! aalsayed.com … it says AL-ADEEB ALKATEB ALREWA2I…. BULLSHIT!!


kil shay wala inna a7ad yesteheen b3agleyti.. and underestimates my intelligence!!


thats one kuwaiti talent we are supposed to be proud about!!!