فوق شينة قواة عينه

by vyyvaa

these are the emails back and forth with the thief


i just finished reading ur book “7ekayat min 3alam akhar” and let me
tell u this…i used to be a big fan… but this one just blew it… its great
stories dont get me wrong, they are realllllllllllly good, and exactly
my style… but ur such a liar for claiming to be “almo2alif” those
stories, and i bring at least for ur two examples “rehan min naw3
mokhtalif” and “akher rajol 3ala kawkab alarth” are taken directly
from the hit sci-fi series, the twilight zone.. which i happen to be a
big fan of… u changed a little, but it is the story and i know it

My Dear Sister

thank you for the email, will you believe me if i swear to you that i did not steal any stories ?? may be it is a coincident, some other reader told me that the story mustaqbal bila mustaqbal is stolen from another tv series !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dear sister, i wrote 25 stories with totally different idea from story to another, the possibilty of story being similar to some tv series or a movie is possible, but I DID NOT STEAL ANY THING, if there is a similarty , it will be a coincident.

America is being making sci fi movies since the beginning of the 20th century, while we just started writing these types of stories, but i cannot see every sci fi movie and every tv series to make sure that i am not staeling any.

i really hope you get my point and believe me, because your accusation is not true



for someone who claims to be mesmerized by ‘twist end’ and
supernaturals…. ur trying to convince me u never saw the twilight
zone?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and there is no way
those two stories are coincidences, they are too detailed to be so ! please just respect my intelligence, and just be careful next time you write “author on a story” do ur research and buy your self twilight zone the original and the subsequent series. u will know where to find it, or at least download it via torrent. i have read those stories.. that i saw on twilight zone to my husband,. and ive told him it was from a series. he would have never
checked.. yet i wanted to be honest…. then i see them in ur book !

Dear Sister

I know the twilight zone, i saw (some of it) when i was 13 years old, thats it, and the only one that i remember very well was the children zoo and a few more.

I WAS INSPIRED BY TWIST END FROM M. NIGHT SHYAMALAN the director of the movie THE SIXTH SENSE and i made that clear in the introduction of my book (please check it)

first you said there were little differences ( i didnt say little differences! i said he changed a little !!!!), and then you said they were too detailed !!!!!

my dear sister, i swore to you that i did not steal any stories, i can’t do more than that.

oh… and another story… that u and twilight zone of 40 years back
had the same “idea”
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Kind_of_a_Stopwatch_%28The_Twilight_Zone%29 are you going to sue twilight zone for taking ur stories… ? ? ? you write about a man keeping killer statues in his basement and kill his wife and they write that 40 years ago…. and its sodfa? oh you gotta be persuing some kind of legal action against them, they stole from u …. only back ward in time… like maybe they traveled from the future of u to write it sa7??? yalla defend ur self ?do u think i will just keep emailing u and waiting for ur response of dear sister and all? i have already spoken to rabe6at al odaba and they’ve asked me to bring them the episodes, no problem at all.

Dear Sister

I did not reply, because i didn’t open my mail box till now, and i don’t really know why saying (my dear sister) offend you !! i am talking to you in a very respective way, while you are attacking me, but that is ok, i have been attacked since i was a kid, and don’t think i am taking it with a smile on my face, it really hurts.

first, i will tell you how i was inspired to write the stories you accused me of stealing:

1) the story called nihayat al3alam bi 6amt was from a movie called Clockstoppers

check it out http://imdb.com/title/tt0157472/

in this movie, a scientist invent a clock that stops time, this movie inspired me to write my story which is completely different from the movie, i said to my self during the movie, what if the clock breaks ? (in the twilight zone, the clock breaks…. and the events that followed he used the same idea as the twilight zone!!)

that is how i wrote my story, i checked the site you gave me, the story in the twilight zone was different in many ways, one thing, in my story, the man came from a space ship (wow big difference! in another story that he copied, he changed a character from a journalist to a cook, but everything else the same!).

2) the story called akhir rajul 3ala kawkab el ardh is not really new story, it is not even from the twilight zone, many movies talked about this idea, did they steal it from twilight zone ?? did twilight zone sue them ?? (what kind of justification is this!!!?? no! i have yet to see the same concept as the one in twilight zone, as the one he stole!)
check these two movies:


the stories in these two movies were about the last man on earth, however, my inspiration for the story was from a fact which i wrote in page 298 about the human mind (please check it, because the whole story was written according to that fact). (he thinks im after his neck.. and 3amya mo garya kil shai!!)

3) the story about the three statues i got its idea from a movie called Hide and Seek for robert de niro , it is a bout some murders in his house that appear to be done by him in the end without him knowing about it, check it out http://imdb.com/title/tt0382077/

and from another movie called American Phsyco , but i do not deny the similarity, it really shocked me, but believe me, if i want to steal, i wouldnt steal from a well known tv series, you make me thinking of changing the story in the second edition since my book is 300 copies only from being sold out. (3ad this story.. its cut and paste min twilight zone, and his justification is what? that he took it from other movies!!!!! OH MY GOD)
4) the story rihan min no3 mukhtalef i got it from a simple incident happened in my fathers house which happenes to be very loud when we all get together in the weekend, my brother in law said to every one, who ever keeps quiet for 20 minutes i will give him 20 KD, that is how it all started. (THIS ONE UNBELIEVABLY SIMILAR… SAME STORY LINE, SAME CHARACTER PERSONALITY, SAME ENDING… SAME TECHNIQUE…)
again i do not deny the similarity, not only that,beleive it or not, i got another email saying that the story called 3aynan was stolen from a tv series called Chiller http://imdb.com/title/tt0324723/ which i swear i have never heared of !!!!

believe me i think a lot about stopping writing since my first book (i have 6 books now) you really getting me close to stop writing and forget about it, i am not getting any thing out of it.

any way, you might still say that coincidences cant reach that level, check this out:

1) check this surprise, the famous movie (The Village) which was directed by M. Night Shyamalan is similar to a very old movie called Teenage Cave Man exactly the same plot !!! did Shyamalan also steal the story ??? check the movie page: http://imdb.com/title/tt0052279/ did any one sue ?? of course not, things like this happen (he’s trying to compare his self to shyamalan… and he already is down by 4 copycats!? hatha min sija??)

2) The movie (Assassins) played by Sylvester Stallone is exactly similar to a movie called (Fulltime Killer) http://imdb.com/title/tt0286635/ SAME PLOT Exactly (did stallone or the director steal the story ??) (is that how people defend themselves these days? by bringing other possible frauds ??)

finally, I guess I have to see the entire series in the future to avoid any similarities with The Twilight Zone, I am not being sarcastic, I am saying the truth (if i decide to continue writing)

of course you can continue your complaint with ra bitat al odabaa, and of course they can embarrase me, but i will defend my self, it is some thing i really hate to do, i dont like to be in a defensive position, i’ve been under defensive position since i was a kid, not saying that for you to feel sorry, it is the truth. Bring them the episodes, and they will call me for investigation and i will tell them what i told you, if they believe me, then i will thank allah for supporting me, if they don’t then there is nothing i can do.

sorry for this long email, and sorry if you felt like i offended you.

your brother



please stop writing. i read all ur books, and thats all i wanna read from you. but i will always wonder which stories were truly from ur own imagination… no help from a movie script or a series…

every writer in the world gets inspired by a movie or a book, this is very normal, the director of the movie The Sixth Sense was inspired from a tv series called Are You Afraid Of the Dark ? (inspiration is different than copying… please guys tell him that!!)

how many stories did you read about time travel ?? did they all steal from each other ?? how many stories did you read about revenge ?? did they all steal from each other ??? every writer gets inspired by an idea, and he treats it in his own way, some similarities could happen like the examples i gave you.

by the way, bring me any story you like, and i will make some digging and find you a movie from here or there that is similar to the story.

it really hurts me that one of my old readers thinks i am just a lier and a thief, if i am, believe me soon or later i will run out of ideas (if i decide to continue writing because i am taking your request seriously).

obviosly i couldn’t convice you after all this, and i am really sorry for wasting your time.

dear bloggers, things will be clearer if you watch the twilight zone episodes i refer to … and then read his book.

today is my birthday .. im 28 years old now, well into my fifth month of pregnancy, doing good with that.. .but mostly, ive come to appreciate my mother way way way way more each and every day. lets wish for a wild wild birthday 😀