Things i recently learnt

by vyyvaa

  1. Flickering left and right signals of the car means a kiss.
  2. Having twins is a trend in Kuwait set by women who want to have as many kids and in the shortest time possible.
  3. It doesn’t matter how much raise the government will give to the salaries, people will readjust their spending to the new salary, unless they totally ignore the new additional money and out it in a saving account.
  4. Come third trimester, I started to make baby like sounds while sleeping, dr said it’s common in pregnancies because lungs are squeezed smaller by my womb.
  5. I so far have gained 10kg, and I’m on my first week of the 7th month. There is yet more room for expanding.
  6. With respect to employee benefits, my job has the lowest standards with respect to the vast majority of other institutes.
  7. The fact that my mom knows so much about my husband’s family has made me feel extremely protected and contained.
  8. I secretly wish for a baby boy
  9. I secretly wish for a baby girl
  10. The reason we go for private medical care is not only because of the medical care… but most likely because of the treatment/respect/kindness private clinks/hospitals employees have that government people simply lack.