Passing the due date

by vyyvaa

i’m on my tenth month. i’ve read alot about inaccuracy of due dates, but it didn’t occur to me i will pass it… now i’m in the waiting game. my sister who is suposed to be two days after me has already delivered, her sister in law, who’s two weeks after me already delivered as well…. yet my baby gives no sign of going out, no labor tickers, we are both in anticipation, although i feel Ot is trying to do every single-guy thing he can do before the baby arrives. . . . . ! he’s playing alot of video games, watching anime, sleeping 12 hours a day… i know he is scared, i am too.

in honor of not knowing the sex of the baby, we bought two expensive outfits, the boys from mama’s and papas, a stylish funky pants and shirt, with a Gwen-stephani edgy shoes, i love it alot, even the socks are sweet and tiny. and the girl dress from burburry. now i have to be honest, i have never worn a burburry dress before, its a bit challanging to start off with such a standard. Ot wanted a dior dress, but the shoes alone cost 70kd. they were marvelous none the less.

i am ready, technically i am, the hospital bag, the 40 days supply of baby and mommy stuff, the books. Nesting instinct may have not hit me in the conventional way (scrub and clean) although the apartment is pretty clean, but the nesting has developed in another form: financial; ive been paying off ahead of time, saving money for short term plans, and being extremely cheap on my self to stick by the budget. Ot too has been on it, although when he gets a rush of money spending, he does it big, that is why i am proud of my self control for as long as it has been.

we’ve decided on baby names, boy: ebrahim, girl: hajar. i was aiming more eccentric: Isaac, Athena, but then again, they are not celebrity babies to get away with unusual names πŸ™‚

i have a dr appointment today, she told me there is a strong chance she will induce labor for me, my husband is against it, i am not really so sure…. can’t wait, and can’t fathom the pain if i don’t know what it is…. my deadline would be on 26th of april, i should deliver by or before that date….. its really close…. or really really far!!!